Visits from Home!

ImageSome how when things seem rough then everything flips around. I had been slightly down, because of my lack of being social (which is totally my fault). Then today I got reminded of all of the love I have at home and people I have cheering me on to succeed here. I got a lovely visit from the one and only Kelly. She has been my friend since we happen to be in the same sixth grade home room. We have been through almost everything together. We have even through distance and time apart, managed to hang on to that friendship. Seeing her made me realize I was doing the right thing and I was going on an amazing adventure. I still can’t believe that I live in this city. I was in no way depressed or upset that I came here, but I was still nervous about the whole thing. I’m so glad that Kelly came, because it confirmed that I am totally doing the right thing here. We had a lovely dinner complete with pies, mash, chips, peas and cider. Next weekend we are off to Glasgow and I’m super excited about it. This year is going to be quite an adventure.


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