Saturday Photo Shoot

Some days just inspire you to do what you are passionate and today was one of those days. I got to spend Saturday with my boss (Ian Barclay) 😀  Yeah cool I know. But he isn’t just my boss he’s a talented musician, photographer and my friend (no I’m not just after a raise ha, he is actually pretty cool).  He is an impressive photographer who obviously loves it. So today he needed a photography assistant and although I had no idea what I was doing he let me tag along to help out. He was shooting with the beautiful and athletic Emma Canning. And Chaz Bonnar filmed the entire experience.

All 3 were so passionate about what they do and it really inspired me. I mean I sort of lost the drive to draw, paint and do anything artistic for good reason. I did have a masters dissertation to write, 10k words is not a piece of cake. But now that it’s done, I feel like I have been dealing with the aftershock. Ok so no more excuses, back to it!

So this photo shoot. Ian is currently focusing on athletic/ sports photography and he takes a darker gritty point of view. I’ve always loved it (I’m really not just trying to boost his ego, he does that enough on his own), but seeing it in action today was something else. I got to assist with everything from equipment shopping to changing the lighting. But when I wasn’t busy helping I managed to take some behind the scenes shots. I am not nearly as talented but check them out below.

If you want to see some of Ian’s photography head over to: and if you want to contact him for a shoot find him here.


Saturday Adventures: Queensferry

So I’m hoping to do this more often, because it is an amazing way to spend a Saturday. Lately it’s been sort of boring going out on a Friday night and then being so tired or I don’t know hungover ha to do anything till late Saturday afternoon. Last weekend we decided to do something different. Up early and on a train to Queensferry, you could tell from the view that this was the right idea. After a lovely tapas style lunch we wandered around Queensferry and headed back into Edinburgh and to the Royal Mile.  Where I got a fresh tattoo. Eventful and sort of relaxing Saturday for sure. It was really great and I’m so glad we did it. I took lots of photos as usual. 😀

iPhone Photos:

Island Time

Every once and a while you just need a weekend away. Luckily my friend, Helen is from the Isle of Arran (Scotland, not Ireland, but that one might be nice as well!), so running “home” for the weekend wasn’t an issue. Course it wasn’t my home, but hey take what you can get! Any way I loved it and it was totally beautiful. It was a completely relaxing and refreshing experience to just go on walks and be with family (yes again not mine but still). I can’t wait to go back.

Photos of course from my iPhone (I mean what can you expect from me):

The Skye’s the limit!

I know I should be a copywriter! 😀 My mom was determined to go to Skye this trip and because of Rabbie’s Tours we managed to do so in 3 days. Honestly I can’t recommend it enough.  It was a group of 14 and we we in a small bus driving from Edinburgh to Portree on the Isle of Skye. The tour guide we had made sure that we all had an amazing personalised experience. I was the only one that was adventurous enough to try and follow the guide with climbing every hill and cliff we could. Which for me is super surprising because I fall down every time I do anything. Luckily I didn’t  fall [wouldn’t be writing this if I did, because I’d be dead at the bottom of a cliff]! Skye is amazingly beautiful and I would suggest everyone who can go should! Photos of course are to follow:

So many tulips, so little time.

My mom came and visited me for the last few weeks all the way from STL. While she was here she wanted to make sure we were busy all the time. Loved it. But 3 cities (plus a layover in another) in a long weekend was a lot to cram in. We manage to get to Berlin & Amsterdam with enough time to do everything we wanted to including a visit to Keukenhof outside of Amsterdam.  Tons of Tulips in a giant park, it was beautiful.

Random leap over to Dublin

Besides the fact that I’m terrible at keeping a blog! [I will get better I promise, haha probably won’t] My best friend from home randomly appeared in Dublin a few weeks ago. [You should go check out her blog actually it’s way better than mine >.<] Anyways she showed up and I made last minute arrangements to head to Dublin and I of course brought my camera. Unfortunately I did have to work while over there [yes, my bosses are awesome and let me work from Dublin], but I did manage to do as much site seeing as possible. Below is a little [not really sorry] collection of my photos from the trip:

The “Real” Camera:


And some more “fun” iPhone photos: