88 is pretty great!

Well it’s Berlin again. Yes I’m always in Berlin. It’s become so much easier since moving to Glasgow that I’ve made good use of it. This time it was a special occasion. It was time to celebrate my amazing grandmother’s 88th birthday. She’s been a rock for me and my mom for our entire lives and I was excited to get to celebrate someone so important to me. The weekend was complete with a family celebration that of course included cake. Plus everyone raving about how awesome my grandma’s new fully white hair looked. (She used to dye it really dark until recently and it looks amazing in it’s gorgeous and fully white form). My mom and I also made it to a Christmas market which of course included Glühwein, Currywurst and Kaiserschmarrn. It was a great long weekend along with the perfect amount of family time. But I was ready to get home to Glasgow.

Motion Graphics inspiration

For some reason I have decided that I should create a new motion graphics piece. My motion graphics course was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but hey why not do one more for fun…?! What is wrong with me. Anyway before I do so I thought I would get some inspiration and with the amazing Helen Sell I found this: http://www.fromupnorth.com/best-motion-graphics-of-2014/. 25 of the Best Motion Graphics of 2014 was exactly what I needed. I picked out two of my favorites:

The illusion of life

The Things I Love