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Kid Scientist

I still haven’t quite adjusted to the weekends here. The week is fantastic: I get to spend time with wonderful people, I have work to keep me busy and I feel like I get so much accomplished. Weekends are another story. I still am used to not making an effort to have a wonderful weekend. Fridays filled with game nights & cocktails with my best friend. Saturday mornings teaching German to little kids. Saturday nights filled with Kid Scientist shows. The sunday morning errands including Target and Trader Joe’s with my mom. Now i have to find things to fill my weekend and I’m not used to it. I need to get used to being more outgoing when it comes to spending time with new people. I’ve been enjoying my time though. Mostly exploring the city and trying new things. I found out that on Saturdays Edinburgh has a farmers market that is right below the castle. It is completely wonderful. I managed to get delicious, fresh raspberries, blueberries, figs, tomatoes, chocolate and even pies.

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The pies were from “Simple Simon’s Perfect Pies.” I got two different ones, but I decided to try the riskier one tonight. It was the “Bard’s Suppers Pie: Haggis with Whisky, Neeps & Tatties.” I always wanted to try haggis, but I never wanted to order it at a restaurant, because if it was gross I didn’t want to waste it. I actually enjoyed it. It wasn’t my favorite thing ever, but it was a lovely dinner. I didn’t think I would enjoy it even if the pie was filled with lamb hearts, lamb liver, potatoes, turnips and whisky. I tried something new though. I might go to the Farmer’s market next Saturday. But for now I’ll just get some homework done.


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