My friend came into town and convinced me to spend the weekend in Glasgow. It was just one night, but two days of fun. We took the city link bus, so an 1 hour and 20 minutes and we were in a totally different city. We decided to take the bus which takes longer, but it was cheap and it ended up being extremely convenient. Upon arriving in Glasgow we had a straight shot to our hotel, Alba Lodge. It was a quaint little guest house and a nice relaxing place to sleep, which included Breakfast. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThen there was exploring the city. So much reminded me of home.  We started with a big walking tour which included the Cathedral, Necropolis, St. Mungo Museum, George Square and more. My favorite place might have creepily been the Necropolis. It’s a beautiful Garden cemetery with huge sandstone grave stones and you could see the entire city. It was incredibly peaceful and relaxing and inspiring in a way.


 After a stop in a museum and a little more walking we had tea in the Willow Tea Room designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1904. Kelly and I of course got a high tea which was lovely. Mackintosh reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright, with his geometric designs, which of course made me think for the Wright house in Kirkwood. Then we did some quick shopping. Glasgow has every shop you can think of, everything from Forever 21 to Gap to Fat Face. The city itself continually reminded me of St. Louis and Chicago. It was wonderful. An industrial city with everything you can think of including a ton of history. There where places near highways that you could have sworn would be right next to Busch Stadium. There was even a Monsanto Protest, how much more St. Louis can it get, ha. Then Kelly and I walked to the river and found what really made it St. Louis (of the future of course, because Glasgow has it’s shit together more than St. Louis does), an arch!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Ok it’s on a bridge, but look at it. If that isn’t a reminder of St. Louis I’m not sure what is. The next day we went for a walk in a huge park (like Forest Park) and went to the Kelvingrove Museum. It was a really random museum, with everything from a dinosaur to Elvis and Dali to Van Gogh. It is a wonderful museum. Then an hour and 20 minute bus ride and I was back in Edinburgh. I can’t believe in about an hour you can be in a city that is so vastly different. It is an amazing aspect of Scotland. At home it would be like the 5 hour drive to Chicago. I’m so glad we went to Glasgow.


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