Work from Berlin? Yes please!

I am lucky enough to have a job that I can do from essentially anywhere. Whether that means in bed, in Dublin or last week in Berlin. Berlin yay exciting right!? Well I wasn’t really there to party, I mean I did of course (it is Berlin…).

Off to Grandmother's House

Off to Grandmother’s House

I was there to visit my grandmother, who is in her late 80s and lives essentially alone in Berlin. She’s lived there all of her life and there is no way that she is leaving the house she’s been in for decades. She is doing alright though don’t worry the end of this post won’t be and she died… No I mean she’s old so her health isn’t going to be amazing, but she seems to be doing alright.  I did try to take full advantage of being in Berlin and seeing her almost everyday. I mean she is the cutest and she’s a huge part of the little family I’ve got. 😀

Working @ the AirportBUT now on to less personal stuff. The trip began with a flight to Copenhagen. Ok yes Edinburgh to Berlin isn’t that far and yes there are direct flights, but the difference was almost ÂŁ100 and I’m not made of money haha.  But being that it took forever for me to get to Berlin, there was lots of working at the airport. This included several Skype calls with clients while wandering around trying to find what to eat for lunch. The Copenhagen airport is insane, there is literally everything you can dream off in a clean but dark style. Also they have Joe & the Juice which is apparently everywhere but I’d never heard of it. And although I didn’t give it a try (I wanted to eat real food not just juice, plus limited time), it looked impressive. It was like a juice/ coffee bar that was pretending to be a club. I’m not going to lie I didn’t think I was even cool enough to be in there. Still the airport is absolutely amazing.

IMG_6508Then there’s Berlin… what can I say about Berlin. I’ve been going about every other year since I was 18 months old. It’s like a 3rd home to me (St. Louis, Edinburgh, come on keep up). Upon arrival I went to the apartment that I was staying at and its covered with graphic street art and above a tattoo studio. Um it was pretty amazing. Also it was a lush apartment which was huge. I stayed with 3 guys who will remain nameless because they want to stay off the grid or whatever. Haha. (Yes their faces will be shown because it’s 2015, what is privacy, deal! ha)

shh don't tellThe trip consisted of a dose of touristy things, a dose of catching up with family, working and clubbing. First there was Tresor  which was cool. Clubs seem to be in warehouses in Berlin so that’s where this first one was. There were 3 bars, but only two were open while we were there. It was a great deal of dancing, fog and some alcohol. Even though we were out till 4:30am it was a relatively tame night. But we realised quickly going out before 2 am is early. Definitely would have to get used to that. They were also really against any photos so I took this one somewhere (who knows where, I won’t tell you hehe). The club we went to the next nice hated it even more, they physically put stickers on to your cameras when well if you got in. It was called Berghain and it is crazy. I mean they turn away so many people. I was so nervous that we were not getting in but after almost 2 hours in the cold and a staring contest with this guy: 

Who is apparently the notorious for not letting people in. Check out this article about the club if you want to know more. But a quick quote from the article says it all:

“…Don’t look too glamorous; look queer; don’t act like a tourist; don’t look too young; don’t show up as a group of straight men or women; dress eccentrically; go alone…”

I doubt the guys I were with would like that description but hey I’m 25, straight, showed up in combat boots, ripped tights, shorts and a leather jacket and got in! It was as though the entire club was pulled straight out of a vampire movie like Blade or that scene in the club of the 2nd Matrix movie… Wow those are cool references. Ha.

Berlin in general is one of the most inspirational cities that I have ever been to and every time I go I feel refreshed and a burst of creative energy. Whether it’s the new stores/ restaurants popping up all over the place, the graffiti or the Buchstabenmuseum. Yes if you know German that is the letter museum and well it is basically that, a Typography and sign museum. I loved it completely. I’m not going to go into detail here, because if you love type you’ll see in a few photos why I loved it and if you don’t meh look anyway!

Other then that we did lots of walking around being tourists, eating amazing food and some shopping. Oh and going to bars and galleries all in East Berlin for the most part. Don’t want to bore with minor details so here are more photos! Warning: I’m completely obsessed with the TV tower if you can’t tell. Let me know if you want to know more about anything else :D.

All photos taken on iPhone 5, some snapchats, snuck in there too ha 😀


Sail Week Croatia: Split & the End…

So this is the end… what can I say to get to Split we had a crazy day on the boat. The water was not calm in any way to say the least. We only had one person be sea sick though and that’s because the boat was bucking like a broncho. I managed alright, surprisingly considering I was hungover. When we finally did make it in Split we all practically ran off the boat. For our last group dinner we all waited for everyone to shower and get back together, but once we finally got our Skipper to join us it was 9:30ish. So we didn’t end up having our last meal till about 11. But that was ok because we were all together.

The next day we all “split” up (haha, oh I’m so clever) and headed to our own hotels and apartments. We all made sure that they were luxurious compared to the boat, so A/C, normal showers and at least twin sized beds. We’ve gotten so high maintenance I know… ha. For Helen and I exploring meant some wandering, some shopping and up to the top of the Bell Tower of St. Domnius. The view from the Bell Tower is stunning and the best way to take in the entirety that is Split. Helen and I also of course could not resist one last stop at a beach. Although the one in Split that we went to was concrete, it was still really nice and breezy compared to the rest of the hot city. That evening we met up with most of the group for one last dinner without the skipper who hated us and who’s company we didn’t care for either. The dinner was lush at Uje a olive oil and wine bar and it was the best dinner of the entire trip. But great food and great company what more can you ask for. So that is it for our trip to Croatia. If you read all of this hope you enjoyed it at least a little, because I totally loved it.

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Sail Week Croatia: Hvar

Hvar is the St Tropez of Croatia, supposedly. But I mean I’ve never been to St Tropez, so what do I know. I do know it is extremely beautiful. First to make it there we had a day of sailing and I’m pretty sure that this was when we stopped in the bay from the last series of photos, but hey oh well close enough. We arrived in a Marina outside of Hvar and took a dingy to the larger Marina to get cleaned up for our night out. So Hvar is more expensive then the other places we when to, but it’s worth it. The group got all gussied up and we were picked up from our boat by water taxi. Which sounds more glam then it was, it was like a teenager with a boat that had us hop down like 3 ft from our boat on to his (and then do the reverse to get back on, chaos). But we ended up in Hvar had another lovely group dinner and started drinking. We found a place with Happy Hour and stuck around there for a bit. We wanted to go to Hula Hula Lounge, but if you want to do that remember it’s a daytime thing so it was only open till 9. 😦 That was ok though because the other place we wanted to go was Carpe Diem, which we needed to get another boat to get to. The club had a good combination of guys half naked dressed as wolves and house music to create a very interesting fun atmosphere.

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Sail Week Croatia: Scedro

So I’m 95% sure these photos are after we left Scedro and not on the way there, because I got my well deserved sleep in Scedro. But I wanted these photos in a different place from the rest. Scedro was a really quiet bay where we stayed the night, we didn’t do much per se, but with this bunch you can’t really be bored. These photos are from a different bay where we all stopped for lunch and a swim. I had a Garmin underwater iPhone case so I was able to take really cool underwater photos of Pete swimming.

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Sail Week Croatia: Korcula

Korcula is supposed to be the Birth place of Marco Polo, who knows if that is the case, but it was our next stop. It was one I wish would could’ve stayed at longer to explore more. It was a great stop. We stopped in the Marina and our Skipper had arranged a wine tasting, which was nice because there were very few times he seemed to think about us. But this time he really got it right. We all cleaned up and dressed up, had a quick wander of the town which was sweet and reminded me of an Italian town. The winery was adorable and we tried white, rose and red wine along with various potent liqueurs and snacks to nibble on. The night ended with a trip to Boogie Jungle which was a night club “in the jungle.” We climbed into a party van/taxi with a shag roof and disco lights and ended up in the woods some where. Yeah it wasn’t much of a jungle, but it was a fun night of dancing with cabin mates. 😀

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Sail Week Croatia: Mljet

Mljet was the next stop in our adventure and it seemed to be the most “adventurous” day according to the itinerary. This day seemed to fit the bill. There was sailing (like actually with the sails up 🙂 ), kayaking, mountain biking, paddle boarding and swimming. I was smart enough to stay away from the biking, because I would’ve fallen of the bike and died. Ok yes I’m being dramatic, but I would’ve injured myself for sure. So I stuck to kayaking which I thought had lower odds to me hurting myself. Before Kayaking we hopped on a boat and headed to an island within the National Park which had a beautiful small monastery. The monastery was partially converted into a cafe and gift shop, but the stone work and turquoise water made for an impressive scene.

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Sail Week Croatia: Sipan

The first stop on the sailing tour was the quiet island/ city of Sipan. We had a great day sailing and bonding then arrived in a tiny little city where we sat and had a fancy group dinner. I’m not going to lie I normally hate doing group tours and group dinners, because it’s either forced or a nightmare for the restaurant staff. But our dinner was complete with delicious plates full of appetisers, that we didn’t actually order,  and great chat about life. Sipan was covered in stray cats that watched me while I ate, which was less then ideal. The dinner was amazing and the Island of Sipan was a good and chill first stop.

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Sail Week Croatia: Dubrovnik

Ok so before I possibly get into a rant (I’ll make it quick I swear) about all the things that went wrong, I want to say it was an amazing week filled with great laughs, tons of chat and beautiful surroundings. That being said toilet paper, food and water were luxuries. But hey it was called an Adventure Sailing Week. Honestly I think our issues were due to our Skipper focusing more on getting laid than helping us out (but we’ve all been there so no judgements). We didn’t starve, we used the toilets fine and although we bought a lot of our own water we didn’t shrivel up into raisins. So all and all a success. For the week there were 2 boats each with 10 people plus a skipper per boat, headed from Dubrovnik to Split. I wish I would’ve seen more of Dubrovnik, because the first day in Dubrovnik was spent in the Marina and the next day we were off. My boat of 10 was surprisingly  all UK based, so in theory we should all stay friends :D.  They were all a funny group with interesting lives all 24 to early 30s. We really bonded quick and got along the entire time.

**Also disclaimer for the following posts I am doing my best to place the right pictures and explanations to the right days, but I have probably gotten something wrong so don’t hold it against me 😀 **

So the following photos are Dubrovnik pre sailing:

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Driving to Dubrovnik

So that was Croatia Rocks, which meant we were off to Dubrovnik. The trip from the island of Pag down to Dubrovnik was anywhere between 4-6 hours, depending on if you took the scenic route. We decided to do something in between. We didn’t want to spend all day driving especially after the long night of dancing to Fatboy Slim. Holiday MapThis meant that we drove down the highway (with tolls, which are pricey but manageable).  Which was still extremely scenic and pretty darn quick considering we basically went from one end of the island to another. Don’t believe me? Well here is my map again:

First off I have to say the roads in Croatia are amazing! Like 95% of them were perfectly smooth and easy to drive on. Yes they were steep and windy at times but overall they were great. The trip went really well, just a few minor spats about driving and getting gas/ trying to to break down.  But after spending 24/7 sharing everything together we were glad to not be killing each other. The road to Dubrovnik is a funny one, because you are driving in Croatia and then all of the sudden boom you are needing to pull out your passport so they will let you into BOSNIA. It was like a 5-10 mile stretch of driving where you were simply in Bosnia. Everything went smoothly, but it was strange having to cross the border twice. From Bosnia it was a super short drive to Dubrovnik. Simply over the bridge and there we were.

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Croatia Rocks: Thursday

Thursday Ok so the closing party was Fatboy Slim. I’m not sure what else I can say about this. It was one of the most amazing nights of my entire life. With a great show, really cute company and dancing till sunrise, I really could not have imagined a better night. That being said I’m just going to post these photos already below.

Well that is it for Croatia Rocks, time for the drive down to Dubrovnik!

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