First days of classes…

Photo by Paul (

Photo by Paul (

Sunday, a few classmates and I climbed Arthur’s Seat, well sort of. We climbed part of it that is. Apparently there is a higher section and we only did the low section. Oh well the views were beautiful and we had a great time bonding. From what I’m thinking this is a great group of people to spend the year with. I’m excited.

The first view classes made me a little nervous, not because of the content though. The first theory class was basically a syllabus reading which is totally something I am used to. I’m more nervous about some of the personalities. When you are supposed to be signing up for a presentation and the professor asks how the class would like to do it, don’t just shout out which of the selected presentations you would like. It is just rude. As you can tell this is exactly what happened. It was so overpowering that the professor had no choice, but to just go with it. I mean me being selfish I made sure I got exactly what I wanted, so I am happy. But I can’t imagine working in a group with a personality like that. I mean we will see.

Then there was today. We were learning about the basics of typography and before class we were talking about Adobe Suite programs. I have some experience and I mentioned that I used InDesign to create my resume just for fun. As in playing on design programs I don’t know is fun for me. Which they are. I love designing things and learning new programs. Doing it on my own seems like the way to learn best, and it’s fun. My classmate informed me that I have a weird sense of fun. I like typography. I like design. I like design programs. If my classmate doesn’t enjoy that it worries me that I’m in the program. But I think I’m just going to decide I am in the right program and they will have to work harder. 🙂 ha my solution wins.

Ok I’m off for yet another first class. Hopefully it’ll be as enjoyable.

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