Today was blah, but I’m not sad.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 5.46.01 PMFinally matriculated today. Apparently matriculation means stand in one line (queue) after another and go from one computer to another. It was a complicated and tedious process. I felt as though a lot of it could have simply been online at home prior to coming to Uni, but that is just me. I got my ID though! Other than that I really enjoyed today. It started early with a welcome course that was a bit of getting to know one another and a bit of setting goals. The getting to know one another bit was lovely, it was pretty cliche, but I enjoyed it and it needed to happen at some point. What followed wasn’t as enjoyable…

I’m all for setting goals, because without setting some you can’t achieve them. I understand that and I think that as a method of success it is completely warranted, but the goals that were part of today weren’t quite that. The goals that we were supposed to make were more like get a postgrad degree, get a job after your degree, and build a network. All very useful goals, but it shouldn’t take a room full of postgrads, 3 worksheets to get there (not by choice really, we were guided through). Then once we got to our goals, we had to write how to achieve them. This to me is where things went downhill. To start how does one who is enrolled in a postgrad course get a postgrad degree? Um… go to class, work hard? Then for the job, you need the degree. And then there is networking… My least favorite and one of my actual goals. I hate networking and I’m awful at it, but I feel like it is completely apparent how to do it. Which is basically talk to people, make friends, etc. I mean it is a skill that needs to be practiced and improved, but writing down how to achieve it seems like a waste. At least after that I got to bond with my classmates some more. They all seem great and the class seems as though it will be intense, but I am extremely excited.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 5.46.30 PMI am enjoying my time here. I’ve spent a lot of time alone so far, but I expected that from my first week of moving to a new city. Especially when I was waiting for school to start. I think the anticipation, made me seem a little more down in text than I actually was. With the people I’ve met and the place I live I can’t be upset. I mean look at what I get to walk past on my way home!


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