Team Work Workshop.

Today started off with a workshop about team work. It seemed like a great thing for our class since we were going to be doing a ton of in teams. I got to class at exactly 1:00pm, which is when it was supposed to start. The class had been going for a while. I hate coming late, so that was a fun beginning to the day. Then rather than lots of team-building exercises as I expected, we started to basically identify our personalities. It was by color: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. I ended up getting blue, because I am super detail oriented in the way I work. But I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t enjoy this. We learned something about ourselves, but I don’t enjoy being put into a box. The whole time I almost equally identified with all of the personality types and the instructor kept saying that since we got this color, we were like this. As in Blue people are pessimistic. I find myself more realistic than pessimistic. Also at one point in the hand outs it says “DON’T: Hug or touch them” about Blue people. Um that’s really sad, plus I like hugs. Then Red people were being described as assholes rather than people who are determined. Then like most workshops, the instructor didn’t realize when her point had been made and that she should stop there. It was ok I guess, I learned a little something at least.


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