First day of Grad School!!!

So here it goes. It is my first day at Edinburgh Napier University for the MSc Creative Advertising Program. I’m totally stressed, but I’m trying to not stress out. Of course I am totally freaking out. So this is what I have done this morning, besides a simple breakfast I guess. This is what I am wearing today….

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 10.24.08 AM

I have no idea what I am getting my self into. I haven’t had much information about what this program consists of so I am sort of just winging it. I know I will be fine I’ve done college before, and I succeeded. Now it’s just one more year of it. I wonder what it will be. I feel like tonight will be a lot of shopping for things I need. This is what I am bringing today hopefully it will be enough….


Organizing my things is sort of a way I distress, but so far not really helping. Oh well got to get ready.


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