Haven’t Posted in Forever…

Ooops… Life sort of got in the way of blog time. That’s good, I guess.

Things I have recently learned, if you are in the market for a new job or your first job: tell all of your friends. Ha. I know networking basics or something, but for most people who run from the word networking…. This is what you should do. Just let all of your family and friends know. I’m not the have mom and dad find you a job type, but it is America and that means that your education means less than your connections. Ok, not less, but connections mean everything. Unless you miraculously got a bunch of internships while you struggled to balance going to college (if so you are probably set, and everyone hates you, not really), then you are going to need to get your foot in the door somehow. For me my family friends have been great, willing to help introduce me to everyone. It hasn’t worked out quite yet, but they have been great.

While I do have more time on my hands I have taken advantage of it. Make sure you take the time to explore the city you are in. You never know how long you are going to be in a city, so make sure that you cease every opportunity that you can. Last weekend my friend’s and I went to a Cask & Cod night at The Schlafly Tap Room followed by a Roller Disco… Yup you read it right a roller disco. It was at the Skatium and it was a blast. The Cask & Cod was delicious, like I thought it would be and then we drove far to go skate. First there was the choice between skates and blades… great stress already. Luckily as a kid I though I could roller blade, but from this weekend I don’t know where that skill went. Ha. I fell twice (less than I thought) and hey the second time was because someone spilled their drink on the rink. Still it was a little bit of a chaotic mess (see photo, kinda cute I guess…?), but fun. Once people gave up on trying to skate there was a dance party in the middle of the rink. I’m trying to take the attitude of saying yes to anything new, unless I’m sick or completely exhausted, because this is the time of my life in which I can do that.


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