The Book of Mormon

Last night I took my mom to see The Book of Mormon at The Fox Theatre. First of I haven’t been to the Fox in years and if you haven’t been ever than you should go, right now, run! The building itself is amazing and I forget how beautiful it is every time. I really would just love to be there all the time, watch movies there, just live there to be honest. Ok, but back to the musical.

My advice about the musical is probably don’t take your mom… Oops. Love you Mami! I thought that my mom would think this musical would be hilarious, because she dislikes mormonism and thinks sarcasm is funny. But I might have been a little off. I probably should’ve done a lot more research. There is a whole song that says f*ck, c*nt, ass, and way more things I feel bad for. I’m not going to lie I thought it was hilarious, brilliant and very “South Park” offensive. I really enjoyed it, but seeing my mom maybe laughed at 5 jokes (there are 1000s of them) made me feel bad. At least for her the singing and dancing on it’s own were amazing. They were all so very talented, I was amazed.

If you like South Park type humor you will love this. If you have a boyfriend with that kind of humor, then this is the musical that he will love. I would say definitely go to see this one (it’s expensive, because it is so popular), but really consider not taking your parents.



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