Directed by Sam Mendes and Written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan

Bond. James Bond. Got to love him, right? That could just be me, but I don’t think I’m going to avoid a new Bond movies in theaters. Especially with Daniel Craig. It might be a bias of this being the Bond that I most remember, but damn he is attractive. Prior to seeing this one, I heard some negative comments, like it’s not as good as the rest or the plot is a little thin or it was missing the Bond gadgets. I don’t know about all of them, but I really liked this one. This film was a return to Bond roots for sure. There is M, Q and a return of Miss Moneypenny. The gadgets were limited to a radio, a gun and an Aston Martin (an old gorgeous one, for that). I mean yes the gun is personalized to Bond, but yeah nothing too special. Also Bond returns to his home to Scottland. Everything seems to go back to the basics and I really enjoyed it. There is enough action an shooting for any action junkie and yet it instills the fear of the technology generation and the power behind it. Javier Bardem looks horribly frightening as a blond and plays creepy dude well. As for “Bond Girls” there are two very attractive women, but I would not say either is a “Bond Girl,” both are likable though. Ralph Fiennes for once doesn’t play the bad guy, sorry for the spoiler, but he is usually the Voldemort or the Hades character. I really liked it and some times I think it’s good for a film series to peel back the layers and go back to the basics like Bond did. Totally worth watching, even if you aren’t the die-hard Bond fan.


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