Sail Week Croatia: Dubrovnik

Ok so before I possibly get into a rant (I’ll make it quick I swear) about all the things that went wrong, I want to say it was an amazing week filled with great laughs, tons of chat and beautiful surroundings. That being said toilet paper, food and water were luxuries. But hey it was called an Adventure Sailing Week. Honestly I think our issues were due to our Skipper focusing more on getting laid than helping us out (but we’ve all been there so no judgements). We didn’t starve, we used the toilets fine and although we bought a lot of our own water we didn’t shrivel up into raisins. So all and all a success. For the week there were 2 boats each with 10 people plus a skipper per boat, headed from Dubrovnik to Split. I wish I would’ve seen more of Dubrovnik, because the first day in Dubrovnik was spent in the Marina and the next day we were off. My boat of 10 was surprisingly  all UK based, so in theory we should all stay friends :D.  They were all a funny group with interesting lives all 24 to early 30s. We really bonded quick and got along the entire time.

**Also disclaimer for the following posts I am doing my best to place the right pictures and explanations to the right days, but I have probably gotten something wrong so don’t hold it against me 😀 **

So the following photos are Dubrovnik pre sailing:

The rest of the sailing trip continues here.

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