Portobello Beach


Today Helen and I discovered a new place to get away from the stress of our Uni work and just the busy city of Edinburgh, which is getting worse the closer we get to Christmas. We hopped on a bus and headed to Portobello beach. Which is a lovely strip of beach that is only a 30 minute bus ride away from home. IMG_3356The last couple days and especially today I have realized how much I miss my dog. I am constantly looking for dogs around me and wanting to take them home. I don’t of course! But there was a puppy sitting alone outside Starbucks, for far too long and I wanted to take him to class with me. Then today I couldn’t help it, but take pictures of dogs jumping around in the water and playing fetch. They were the sweetest. I miss my pup a lot. The only time I’ve lived this close to a beach was in Chicago and that was the beach of a lake. Yes it’s super pretty and I loved it, but some how I barely ever went there. I guess it had to do with my friends, people in Chicago had always lived in cities like St. Louis, where we might as well be land locked ( I know we aren’t… 2 rivers, which means float trips in the summer no wonderful beaches though).

IMG_3361While for people here everything is so close that you are always close to a beach, especially if you grew up on an island. I just never imagined living this close to a real beach even if it is small. I can’t wait for summer so we can go when it’s warm and to go to Portugal or some other beaches. Also I’m really glad that I have a solid group of friends here. I’m always nervous when I start new things, because you never know if you will find people that will like you. In a group like this you all sort of have to get along, because you are constantly working in groups, but you don’t have to really like each other. I’m glad that I have met lovely people that I genuinely will be friends with for a really long time.


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