Forgot about this…

Oops. So this is why I’m awful at having a blog. I forget I have it when I get busy. I expected to get busy, but this has been quite the adjustment. This masters course is one that isn’t all about the classes, we only have class a few times a week. But we need to meet with our groups and do work on our own. There is rarely a time where you can really shut everything off and just relax. You try to go to bed every night and end up coming up with ideas right as you close your eyes. I’ve gotten used to sleeping with my laptop open or next to a notepad to quickly jot something down. I know that I’ve gotten to the point where I actually need to tell myself that I should take a break. When I do that my work seems to be getting better as well.


Thanks Helen for photo.

This course has taught me a lot about myself:

1. I’m good at working in groups. By this I mean I am able to adjust to whatever group I’m in and we will come up with a solution. This of course doesn’t mean that the solution is brilliant, but it will work. 2. When I am with the right people I get to be really creative. I got to work with two of the best people ever and we ended up with a great campaign. Plus the whole time it didn’t even feel like work, even though we would work for hours together. Then the result was amazing. We didn’t “win” the vote, but we ended up with a wonderful result that I was incredibly proud of. Next trimester should be great because we get to decide our own groups. 3. Find amazing places to do work, preferably a place that doesn’t have delicious cake. Loudon’s is the best cafe in the Area. End of story. It is lovely. Great atmosphere, food, coffee. They have wifi, nice big tables, and couches. Perfect place to work and it is shown by the success of our group, purely by the amount of work we were able to produce. Yet the only problem is the cake is amazing. Of course this is only a problem for some one with lack of self control when it comes to cake. Oh well.


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