Berlin: Visiting Family

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.14.04 PMWhen anyone else hear’s that they are going to Berlin, they get excited for all of the culture. When I hear I am going to Berlin I think family time. I grew up with my entire extended family in Berlin, so visiting Grandma meant an 8 hour plane ride. This time it was no different, cept I did manage to get some culture in too! My mom and I got a BerlinCard, which allows you access to all of the trains, buses, subways, etc in Berlin for a certain number of hours (for us it was 72). But we also got a special one that allowed us access to the Museums on the “Museums Insel.” I got to go to my favorite museum in Berlin the Pergamon, although it’s not cool that so much was taken from Turkey (it was probably not done in the most legit way), it is a beautiful museum. We also got to go to the Neues Museum, to look at the beautiful Nefertiti bust, and the Altes Nationalgalerie, which had Neoclassical, Romantic, Biedermeier and Impressionist paintings. Altes Nationalgalerie was a new one for me and I enjoyed it a lot. Then we spent time with family and did the usual things: KaDeWe, Currywurst, Potsdamerplatz, Hallen Am Borsigturm, etc. I really enjoyed the trip, although stressful at times.

Now we are back in Edinburgh and now it feels real. I am really starting to get nervous about when my mom leaves and I live here alone. Up until now it has felt like vacation, but the days are flying by and she has to go back to St. Louis soon. I know I will be fine, but the nerves and butterflies are definitely kicking in.


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