Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.35.48 PMI’ve been here for a few days and I like it. The city is absolutely stunning. Yes it does rain almost every day, but it is never for too long. Often the sun is still shining as it starts to drizzle. First things first we bought a pass to guided bus tours. There were several different lines and I think we managed to get on all, but two. It seemed as though it would be the easiest way to get an overview of the city and it was. I would definitely recommend it! It in no way can ruin the city’s beauty. Victoria’s street is one of the quaintest streets you could imagine. There’s a street directly above it and it is filed with lovely little restaurants and stores. We discovered Howie’s, which is a cute little restaurant franchise in Edinburgh and the food is fantastic. Portions are the perfect size and every dessert has a hint of whiskey. I also got a print of an illustration of Edinburgh, with elements of the sky line and other landmarks. The shop was filled with all sorts of illustrations and neat trinkets, I would have bought more but I’m not allowed to hang things on the walls of my apartment. OH my apartment, after a few days of living in a hotel, my mom and I moved me into my apartment. apartmentI wanted a turquoise one, but I got an orange one… haha. The building I picked had studios that were furnished and they had color themes through out the room. I got Orange, but I also got the 7th floor, with a pretty great view (if you ignore the construction right out front, which isn’t as hard as you would think).  I think it looks pretty cute now and it’s cozy (but not too small!). After moving in a trip to Ikea was extremely necessary, because although the apartment was furnished I still needed a lot (linens, plates, hangers, etc.). Finally we were all ready to move it and settle. Then it was off to BERLIN…


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