Did someone say Beyonce?

Beyonce and a weekend in Dublin is exactly what the doctor ordered. When Helen and I heard that Beyonce was coming to the UK and Europe we were on it. We did everything we could to get these tickets, but when we saw that the Dublin tickets were the cheaper option we thought why not. When life sends Beyonce to Dublin, why not make a long weekend out of it?

We spent a great deal of time wandering around and simply seeing what Dublin has to offer. Doing so we found Marsh’s Library which was founded in the early eighteenth century. It was a different library from the Old Library with Book of Kells, so it was nice to see something else. The Book of Kells is amazing, though and I would throughly recommend both libraries. We also popped into the Irish Museum of Modern Art which is a brilliant collection of modern art and a great stop for us.

Then it was time for Beyonce. There isn’t much that I need to say about that. It was amazing. I can’t believe that I got to experience such a great show. Helen and I decided it was early getting to the stadium ridiculously early to get as close as we could. And as you can see it worked. Such an amazing concert which I could do it again.


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