Croatia Rocks: Tuesday

So Tuesday was a big day for us. Helen had bought us Boat Party tickets for my birthday and Rudimental was playing so we were really excited for it. But we showed up for the Boat at the Marina (after a long and super hot walk I might add) and Rudimental had missed their flights. They said that there was still going to be a boat party with Mella Dee and I do have to say it was really fun. Plus we met a really fun group of people on the boat. We were totally exhausted after the party but it was great.


TuesdayIf we were at all disappointed about the day, the shows at night definitely made up for any sadness. We showed up and just caught the end of Kate Tempest and were up front for Jungle. Which was amazing. One of the back up singers was literally the coolest person I have ever seen. The entire band is just so cool was just completely captured by the music and the guys (and lovely lady) themselves. That was followed by Rudimental which were captivating (*cough* would’ve been better on a boat *cough*).  After a super long day we were exhausted and on our way out the door and we noticed Blonde was playing so we stuck around for a bit. Well we stayed as long as we could stand. Tuesday definitely lived up to expectations.

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Croatia Rocks: Monday

Started the day by walking to the beach in Stara Novalja and relaxing in the Sun. It was different from most of the beaches that I used to go to because well the rocks. There was no sand, just rocks. It was surprisingly comfy to lay on, but when you walked into the water it really hurt. But the water was clear as can be so it all worked out.  We decided to go explore Novalja after the beach and had one of the best slices of Pizzas I have ever had, right at the Marina.

thumb_IMG_5087_1024Day 2 was when the festival really got going with us. Before I left I made sure to download the Bands I didn’t know. The festival was set up between two different clubs Papaya and Aquarius. Aquarius was mostly DJs while Papaya was mainly the bands, with instruments and all that :D. We managed to be in the front row for almost every show we went to, which was amazing I was excited because thanks to the festival I had recently gotten to know The Bulletproof Bomb and I thought they were really great. They were the first act we got to see. . Then followed The Vaccines, which I can say was one of the most amazing shows that I could have ever expected. The last show we went to was Bondax, which felt totally different because it was a DJ and not a band. But it was just as much fun.

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Croatia Rocks: Sunday

thumb_IMG_5088_1024 So day 1! We didn’t catch any of the acts on Sunday, mostly because we were way too exhausted but we managed to get our wristbands, groceries, into the apartment and to the beach. Well 2 beaches actually. We stopped by Zcre Beach and the beach near our apartment. For anyone thinking about going to Croatia Rocks, I have some point to remember:

  1. Stay in Novalja. We stayed in Stara Novalja and trust me its not the same. It was great for us because we had a car but if not the bus to Zcre beach was a 20 -30 minute walk in 35 degree heat. Plus it was probably dark as well.
  2. Taxis are pricey, but worth it. First off we had one of the best chats ever with the Taxi driver, but also it seems to be the safest and easiest ways to travel at night. BUT they might try and rip you off, so remember how much you pay.
  3. Acts might not show up… Yeah that sucked. But if you’re ready for it, it hurts less ha.
  4. Enjoy your days. The nights didn’t start till 9-10ish so you have the entire day to do something. Don’t sleep into late, there are some beautiful beaches in the area. Go explore.

Here’s some photos from driving and the evening:

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2 weeks in Paradise! ( A little Croatian Holiday)

IMG_5101The last 2 weeks have been some of the best in my entire life. Helen and I had been organising this 2 week holiday to Croatia for a few months and when it finally came around we couldn’t believe it. After an early morning of waking up at 5 to get to the airport on time the excitement really kicked in.

It all began with the flight to Split, but that lead to trying to find our rental car company. Of course which didn’t have an office at the airport, but after a creepy car ride with a stranger to an “office” (it was an empty apartment with a desk) we managed to get our car. Then the real adventure began…


We began driving up to Novalja for the Croatia Rocks festival. Post festival we hopped back in the car and drove all the way down to Dubrovnik. Then began the sailing from Dubrovnik to Sipan to Mljet to Korcula to Scedro to Hvar then a long pit  stop in Brac for gas when we ended our sailing trip in Split. Details and more images in posts to follow.

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Saturday Adventures: Queensferry

So I’m hoping to do this more often, because it is an amazing way to spend a Saturday. Lately it’s been sort of boring going out on a Friday night and then being so tired or I don’t know hungover ha to do anything till late Saturday afternoon. Last weekend we decided to do something different. Up early and on a train to Queensferry, you could tell from the view that this was the right idea. After a lovely tapas style lunch we wandered around Queensferry and headed back into Edinburgh and to the Royal Mile.  Where I got a fresh tattoo. Eventful and sort of relaxing Saturday for sure. It was really great and I’m so glad we did it. I took lots of photos as usual. 😀

iPhone Photos:

Island Time

Every once and a while you just need a weekend away. Luckily my friend, Helen is from the Isle of Arran (Scotland, not Ireland, but that one might be nice as well!), so running “home” for the weekend wasn’t an issue. Course it wasn’t my home, but hey take what you can get! Any way I loved it and it was totally beautiful. It was a completely relaxing and refreshing experience to just go on walks and be with family (yes again not mine but still). I can’t wait to go back.

Photos of course from my iPhone (I mean what can you expect from me):

The Skye’s the limit!

I know I should be a copywriter! 😀 My mom was determined to go to Skye this trip and because of Rabbie’s Tours we managed to do so in 3 days. Honestly I can’t recommend it enough.  It was a group of 14 and we we in a small bus driving from Edinburgh to Portree on the Isle of Skye. The tour guide we had made sure that we all had an amazing personalised experience. I was the only one that was adventurous enough to try and follow the guide with climbing every hill and cliff we could. Which for me is super surprising because I fall down every time I do anything. Luckily I didn’t  fall [wouldn’t be writing this if I did, because I’d be dead at the bottom of a cliff]! Skye is amazingly beautiful and I would suggest everyone who can go should! Photos of course are to follow:

So many tulips, so little time.

My mom came and visited me for the last few weeks all the way from STL. While she was here she wanted to make sure we were busy all the time. Loved it. But 3 cities (plus a layover in another) in a long weekend was a lot to cram in. We manage to get to Berlin & Amsterdam with enough time to do everything we wanted to including a visit to Keukenhof outside of Amsterdam.  Tons of Tulips in a giant park, it was beautiful.

Random leap over to Dublin

Besides the fact that I’m terrible at keeping a blog! [I will get better I promise, haha probably won’t] My best friend from home randomly appeared in Dublin a few weeks ago. [You should go check out her blog actually it’s way better than mine >.<] Anyways she showed up and I made last minute arrangements to head to Dublin and I of course brought my camera. Unfortunately I did have to work while over there [yes, my bosses are awesome and let me work from Dublin], but I did manage to do as much site seeing as possible. Below is a little [not really sorry] collection of my photos from the trip:

The “Real” Camera:


And some more “fun” iPhone photos: