Watching a lot of Movies

“The Perks of being a Wallflower” Directed & Written by Stephen Chbosky

Chobsky wrote the novel that the film is based on and then he adapted the novel to a screenplay and then directed the film. I think this is a brilliant idea, because then the image of the novel was not altered it was always what he pictured. Knowing that though I was nervous, because he is a writer not a director, but in this film it worked very well. Once again this is a film that is perfectly balanced between the heartwarming parts where you can’t help, but smile and parts where you are struggling to hold back tears. But this isn’t your typical happy highschool movie, it follows the dark life of Logan Lerman’s Charlie. It deals with mental illness, struggles with sexuality, abusive relationships, incest and much more, all while coping with first love. I regret to say that I have not read the novel, but since the writer is the director, that the film is a great representation. The characters are fantastically developed and very complex, and even if you can’t relate to their individual experiences, everyone can find elements to relate to. I loved Ezra Miller’s character, Patrick, he was the best friend you always wanted to have and the guy you always want to be there for. I will always love Emma Watson and I loved her character, Sam, but this is the bad news, her “American accent” is not the best. In the beginning of the film it is much more noticeable, but towards the end you just believe it. Her acting is great though and it’s a pity, but she and the director knew that this was going to be the first thing that everyone was looking for. It doesn’t interrupt the films flow in anyway. It is just something you will notice at first. This film makes you contemplate your life and love right now in a great way, even if it is set in high school. I think it is an overall great movie and another one I would have to recommend. “We accept the love we think we deserve” is probably one of the best lines in the movie and one that will stick with you. It might be really sad, but you will be touched by the character’s attempts to make the best out of rough situations. Go see the film! If the plot can’t convince you, then look at this attractive threesome. Emma Watson, Ezra Miller and Logan Lerman are the greatest threesome and the best friends you wish you had and yet they are real characters that you could meet any day of the week.