You’re driving on the wrong side…

Or is is the right side? Who knows. But when my mom came to visit I knew it was time for a little road trip! I rented a car from Sixt (btw they were always super helpful and reasonably priced, so would definitely recommend them). We hopped in the car and drove up to Luss on Loch Lomond. I’d never been to Loch Lomond and I heard that it was beautiful so it was really about time. As we drove up everything was gray, dark and foggy, so I thought uh oh this wasn’t going well. But once we got close the fog had burned off and the sun came out. It was absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t believe the views. We walked around Luss for a while and thought it was time to stop for lunch. I drove us down to Cameron House and we had lunch in the bar. Cameron House is really cute it massive and decorated in lots of tartan and oversized furniture. I really liked it, but of course as expected it is on the expensive side. After lunch we headed across to Stirling so that my mom could see Stirling Castle. I never been there either, but I knew it would be a treat for my mom. The drive to Stirling was quicker than expected and once we arrived the castle was still covered with just a little bit of snow. The castle is really nice and well maintained. I really enjoyed the visit there. I know that my mom did too.

Driving to Dubrovnik

So that was Croatia Rocks, which meant we were off to Dubrovnik. The trip from the island of Pag down to Dubrovnik was anywhere between 4-6 hours, depending on if you took the scenic route. We decided to do something in between. We didn’t want to spend all day driving especially after the long night of dancing to Fatboy Slim. Holiday MapThis meant that we drove down the highway (with tolls, which are pricey but manageable).  Which was still extremely scenic and pretty darn quick considering we basically went from one end of the island to another. Don’t believe me? Well here is my map again:

First off I have to say the roads in Croatia are amazing! Like 95% of them were perfectly smooth and easy to drive on. Yes they were steep and windy at times but overall they were great. The trip went really well, just a few minor spats about driving and getting gas/ trying to to break down.  But after spending 24/7 sharing everything together we were glad to not be killing each other. The road to Dubrovnik is a funny one, because you are driving in Croatia and then all of the sudden boom you are needing to pull out your passport so they will let you into BOSNIA. It was like a 5-10 mile stretch of driving where you were simply in Bosnia. Everything went smoothly, but it was strange having to cross the border twice. From Bosnia it was a super short drive to Dubrovnik. Simply over the bridge and there we were.

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2 weeks in Paradise! ( A little Croatian Holiday)

IMG_5101The last 2 weeks have been some of the best in my entire life. Helen and I had been organising this 2 week holiday to Croatia for a few months and when it finally came around we couldn’t believe it. After an early morning of waking up at 5 to get to the airport on time the excitement really kicked in.

It all began with the flight to Split, but that lead to trying to find our rental car company. Of course which didn’t have an office at the airport, but after a creepy car ride with a stranger to an “office” (it was an empty apartment with a desk) we managed to get our car. Then the real adventure began…


We began driving up to Novalja for the Croatia Rocks festival. Post festival we hopped back in the car and drove all the way down to Dubrovnik. Then began the sailing from Dubrovnik to Sipan to Mljet to Korcula to Scedro to Hvar then a long pit  stop in Brac for gas when we ended our sailing trip in Split. Details and more images in posts to follow.

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