Sail Week Croatia: Mljet

Mljet was the next stop in our adventure and it seemed to be the most “adventurous” day according to the itinerary. This day seemed to fit the bill. There was sailing (like actually with the sails up ๐Ÿ™‚ ), kayaking, mountain biking, paddle boarding and swimming. I was smart enough to stay away from the biking, because I would’ve fallen of the bike and died. Ok yes I’m being dramatic, but I would’ve injured myself for sure. So I stuck to kayaking which I thought had lower odds to me hurting myself. Before Kayaking we hopped on a boat and headed to an island within the National Park which had a beautiful small monastery. The monastery was partially converted into a cafe and gift shop, but the stone work and turquoise water made for an impressive scene.

The rest of the sailing trip continues here.

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