Saturday Adventures: Queensferry

So I’m hoping to do this more often, because it is an amazing way to spend a Saturday. Lately it’s been sort of boring going out on a Friday night and then being so tired or I don’t know hungover ha to do anything till late Saturday afternoon. Last weekend we decided to do something different. Up early and on a train to Queensferry, you could tell from the view that this was the right idea. After a lovely tapas style lunch we wandered around Queensferry and headed back into Edinburgh and to the Royal Mile.  Where I got a fresh tattoo. Eventful and sort of relaxing Saturday for sure. It was really great and I’m so glad we did it. I took lots of photos as usual. 😀

iPhone Photos:


So now that I am all alone, with Mom back in the states and school hasn’t started yet, I have decided to explore and wander around the city. The worst part about moving here is that I have a week before classes start, so I have not much to get done and no one to spend time with. So I decided to pick myself up and walk around a bit. I walked to Calton Hill where the view is supposed to be that of my header. Of course when I decide to go there is something going on, roads closed, police everywhere and giant screens. As soon as I got to the top of a hill I figured it out. There was a rally for Scotland’s Independence.


 I knew that there was going to be a vote soon, because Scotland (well at least part of it) wants to become independent from the United Kingdom. I didn’t realize that it was going to happen exactly one year from today. I learned that from the rally though. I felt bad ignoring the people handing out flyers, etc, but I can’t vote, so I don’t want to waste a ton of papers. I did listen to the politicians though and the arguments that have been said against Scotland are pretty unoriginal, like they are too poor to become Independent. I just don’t believe that. I don’t know maybe it’s the American that was born on the 4th of July in me, but I don’t see why Scotland shouldn’t be independent. Especially if they get the Euro :). Wishful thinking I guess. The rally was informative though and I enjoyed it, and there were so many Scottish flags. Not to mention the view wasn’t lacking.

IMG_3285All of this really did help me feel more attached to the city and less lonely. I have been having a lots of minor panic attacks about moving here and being alone. Mostly it was because of the time in between being a tourist and starting classes. The waiting is the worst part. I feel a lot better now, but there are a few more days till school so the nerves may come back.


Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.35.48 PMI’ve been here for a few days and I like it. The city is absolutely stunning. Yes it does rain almost every day, but it is never for too long. Often the sun is still shining as it starts to drizzle. First things first we bought a pass to guided bus tours. There were several different lines and I think we managed to get on all, but two. It seemed as though it would be the easiest way to get an overview of the city and it was. I would definitely recommend it! It in no way can ruin the city’s beauty. Victoria’s street is one of the quaintest streets you could imagine. There’s a street directly above it and it is filed with lovely little restaurants and stores. We discovered Howie’s, which is a cute little restaurant franchise in Edinburgh and the food is fantastic. Portions are the perfect size and every dessert has a hint of whiskey. I also got a print of an illustration of Edinburgh, with elements of the sky line and other landmarks. The shop was filled with all sorts of illustrations and neat trinkets, I would have bought more but I’m not allowed to hang things on the walls of my apartment. OH my apartment, after a few days of living in a hotel, my mom and I moved me into my apartment. apartmentI wanted a turquoise one, but I got an orange one… haha. The building I picked had studios that were furnished and they had color themes through out the room. I got Orange, but I also got the 7th floor, with a pretty great view (if you ignore the construction right out front, which isn’t as hard as you would think).  I think it looks pretty cute now and it’s cozy (but not too small!). After moving in a trip to Ikea was extremely necessary, because although the apartment was furnished I still needed a lot (linens, plates, hangers, etc.). Finally we were all ready to move it and settle. Then it was off to BERLIN…

Edinburgh To-Do List

I’m not sure what all I want to do, but I’m going to compile a list as I think of things.

  • Urban Angel: 1 forth st., Edinburgh
    • Restaurant’s mission: it’s a small word but little daily choices can have big consequences in the world around us.
    • It sounds like Crushed Red, joined with a bakery. I have to go!
  • Climb a volcano
    • Yup volcano, Arthur’s Seat, the tallest of Edinburgh’s seven hills is a freaking volcano and I’m gonna climb it! 🙂
  • Eat Haggis, drink Scotch
    • I haven’t thought this one through, but I will do it before I leave.
  • Museums, museums and more museums
    • I haven’t decided which I want to go to more, but I’m probably going to just go to all of them
    • Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is obviously going to be one of them.
  • Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh: Inverleith Row, Stockbridge
    • Flowers are pretty, I like to look at and photograph them.
    • Plus the Queen has been so I have to, too!


It’s really happening…

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 6.19.03 PM

So it has gotten to the point where I am starting to realize I’m moving a week from tomorrow. I have started to say good bye to work friends in person, via email. It’s make it all seem so real. I almost cried at work today when I had to say to two of my coworkers, because they were going on vacation and wouldn’t get back till after I was gone. Then I got an email from a coworker of another job that said basically the same thing. It was rough. Also the photo-bombing coworkers totally make this picture the best thing ever!!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 1.16.31 PM

Now that I’m thinking about moving I am starting to think about what I should do when I get there. I’m starting to compile a list. I think I’m going to make that a separate post though.  I know where I am living at least so I’m going to start there.

Edinburgh here I come….

I’m moving…

I’ve lived in St. Louis for most of my life (except for Chicago for one year and a few months in Germany). In a few weeks. I am picking up my life in St. Louis and moving to Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve never been to Scotland. I decided that after college I should just apply to Masters Programs, just in case I couldn’t find a job. I found an amazing program at Edinburgh Napier, but my application didn’t go through the first time I sent it. They kept my application on file and resubmitted it the next semester. I had at that point totally forgotten about it.

I got a job at Crushed Red: Urban Bake and Chop Shop. I loved it instantly. First of all it is a wonderful restaurant that prides itself in fresh, organic food in a fast casual setting. I knew that I was going to enjoy it simply, because of the food that was being served. Then there were my coworkers, who became my second family quicker than I would’ve thought. A wonderful, funny, sweet group of people that I saw every day and am now leaving. I was promoted after about a month to be one of the Shift managers. I can’t imagine not spending 6 out of 7 days of a week without seeing these great people. Also I am going to miss our salads and pizzas!!! Definitely not going to find anything like it in Edinburgh.

Now that I’m leaving soon, I’m starting to tie up loose ends in St. Louis and thinking about all of what I want to do in Edinburgh. I have a new apartment. I have sold my car. I am canceling memberships in St. Louis. I have a flight. I think I’m getting close to being ready to leave.