Motion Graphics inspiration

For some reason I have decided that I should create a new motion graphics piece. My motion graphics course was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but hey why not do one more for fun…?! What is wrong with me. Anyway before I do so I thought I would get some inspiration and with the amazing Helen Sell I found this: 25 of the Best Motion Graphics of 2014 was exactly what I needed. I picked out two of my favorites:

The illusion of life

The Things I Love

Just rediscovered these…

So my friends and I did a campaign for a fake temporary tattoo company for our Masters course in Creative Advertising. We used photographs of ourselves in the campaign and these are just a few of the edits we liked at the time. It was so long ago and I hadn’t seen these in forever. I thought it was worth reposting.

Motion Graphics

Today I just started my Motion Graphics class. I’ve done some super basic animation and I decided to dig them up. They were crap, but “freshman Kat” worked really hard on them and I thought they needed to be seen again. Especially because it is making me even more excited for the motion graphics class this year. I can’t wait till I get better. Click the images to make see them go. 🙂

ball bounce

Above was one of my first projects.

The skeleton walking was in the middle of the course. It still isn’t natural, but I was getting there. 

This was my final project. I did a claymation this was only part of it. It was a ton of work and I’m still proud of it.