It’s been a long time coming but we finally did it! Graduation came and went and it was one of the most amazing days of my life. Getting ready in the morning with my best friend and flat mate. Walking into Usher Hall getting our gowns. Running around Edinburgh with our gowns on to meet our entire families. That is when it all started to feel real. After 2 years of an extended masters our student life was finally coming to an end. I couldn’t believe my parents all flew over to celebrate. My dad obviously rocking the hot pink shirt! Love him ha. I really didn’t want the day to end. After walking the stage, and not falling I might add, we headed to dinner at Scran & Scallie, where the boy came to meet the entire family including Helen’s. I just found myself looking down the table and smiling in disbelief that it was all really happening. We headed to the Raeburn after to meet with all of our closest friends and coworkers. It was the best time. Still can’t believe it is all over.


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