Saturday Photo Shoot

Some days just inspire you to do what you are passionate and today was one of those days. I got to spend Saturday with my boss (Ian Barclay) 😀  Yeah cool I know. But he isn’t just my boss he’s a talented musician, photographer and my friend (no I’m not just after a raise ha, he is actually pretty cool).  He is an impressive photographer who obviously loves it. So today he needed a photography assistant and although I had no idea what I was doing he let me tag along to help out. He was shooting with the beautiful and athletic Emma Canning. And Chaz Bonnar filmed the entire experience.

All 3 were so passionate about what they do and it really inspired me. I mean I sort of lost the drive to draw, paint and do anything artistic for good reason. I did have a masters dissertation to write, 10k words is not a piece of cake. But now that it’s done, I feel like I have been dealing with the aftershock. Ok so no more excuses, back to it!

So this photo shoot. Ian is currently focusing on athletic/ sports photography and he takes a darker gritty point of view. I’ve always loved it (I’m really not just trying to boost his ego, he does that enough on his own), but seeing it in action today was something else. I got to assist with everything from equipment shopping to changing the lighting. But when I wasn’t busy helping I managed to take some behind the scenes shots. I am not nearly as talented but check them out below.

If you want to see some of Ian’s photography head over to: and if you want to contact him for a shoot find him here.


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