Sail Week Croatia: Split & the End…

So this is the end… what can I say to get to Split we had a crazy day on the boat. The water was not calm in any way to say the least. We only had one person be sea sick though and that’s because the boat was bucking like a broncho. I managed alright, surprisingly considering I was hungover. When we finally did make it in Split we all practically ran off the boat. For our last group dinner we all waited for everyone to shower and get back together, but once we finally got our Skipper to join us it was 9:30ish. So we didn’t end up having our last meal till about 11. But that was ok because we were all together.

The next day we all “split” up (haha, oh I’m so clever) and headed to our own hotels and apartments. We all made sure that they were luxurious compared to the boat, so A/C, normal showers and at least twin sized beds. We’ve gotten so high maintenance I know… ha. For Helen and I exploring meant some wandering, some shopping and up to the top of the Bell Tower of St. Domnius. The view from the Bell Tower is stunning and the best way to take in the entirety that is Split. Helen and I also of course could not resist one last stop at a beach. Although the one in Split that we went to was concrete, it was still really nice and breezy compared to the rest of the hot city. That evening we met up with most of the group for one last dinner without the skipper who hated us and who’s company we didn’t care for either. The dinner was lush at Uje a olive oil and wine bar and it was the best dinner of the entire trip. But great food and great company what more can you ask for. So that is it for our trip to Croatia. If you read all of this hope you enjoyed it at least a little, because I totally loved it.

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