Sail Week Croatia: Korcula

Korcula is supposed to be the Birth place of Marco Polo, who knows if that is the case, but it was our next stop. It was one I wish would could’ve stayed at longer to explore more. It was a great stop. We stopped in the Marina and our Skipper had arranged a wine tasting, which was nice because there were very few times he seemed to think about us. But this time he really got it right. We all cleaned up and dressed up, had a quick wander of the town which was sweet and reminded me of an Italian town. The winery was adorable and we tried white, rose and red wine along with various potent liqueurs and snacks to nibble on. The night ended with a trip to Boogie Jungle which was a night club “in the jungle.” We climbed into a party van/taxi with a shag roof and disco lights and ended up in the woods some where. Yeah it wasn’t much of a jungle, but it was a fun night of dancing with cabin mates. 😀

The rest of the sailing trip continues here.

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