Sail Week Croatia: Hvar

Hvar is the St Tropez of Croatia, supposedly. But I mean I’ve never been to St Tropez, so what do I know. I do know it is extremely beautiful. First to make it there we had a day of sailing and I’m pretty sure that this was when we stopped in the bay from the last series of photos, but hey oh well close enough. We arrived in a Marina outside of Hvar and took a dingy to the larger Marina to get cleaned up for our night out. So Hvar is more expensive then the other places we when to, but it’s worth it. The group got all gussied up and we were picked up from our boat by water taxi. Which sounds more glam then it was, it was like a teenager with a boat that had us hop down like 3 ft from our boat on to his (and then do the reverse to get back on, chaos). But we ended up in Hvar had another lovely group dinner and started drinking. We found a place with Happy Hour and stuck around there for a bit. We wanted to go to Hula Hula Lounge, but if you want to do that remember it’s a daytime thing so it was only open till 9. 😦 That was ok though because the other place we wanted to go was Carpe Diem, which we needed to get another boat to get to. The club had a good combination of guys half naked dressed as wolves and house music to create a very interesting fun atmosphere.

The rest of the sailing trip continues here.

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