Croatia Rocks: Wednesday

Wednesday started off with a little adventure we got sick of going to the same beach, which seems totally spoiled now that I’m sitting in Edinburgh freezing my butt off. We drove down the island, got lost in a tiny little town and ended up going down a dirt road to an amazing small beach. It had a bar, but seemed to only have a few tourists. So with bottles of water and a few snacks we were set for the day.



Then again the night shows were what we’ve been looking forward to for weeks. We got a little bit disappointed when I talked to the VJ who was announcing all of the acts and he told me Years & Years weren’t coming. But it followed with Clean Bandit giving the best performance that anyone could imagine. They were fantastic and even played through the rude guy that through a cup at the back up singer.

After Clean Bandit, Hannah Wants was a nice 180 from large band to her being all alone on stage. She was completely in control of a huge audience. She was fantastic.

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