Croatia Rocks: Tuesday

So Tuesday was a big day for us. Helen had bought us Boat Party tickets for my birthday and Rudimental was playing so we were really excited for it. But we showed up for the Boat at the Marina (after a long and super hot walk I might add) and Rudimental had missed their flights. They said that there was still going to be a boat party with Mella Dee and I do have to say it was really fun. Plus we met a really fun group of people on the boat. We were totally exhausted after the party but it was great.


TuesdayIf we were at all disappointed about the day, the shows at night definitely made up for any sadness. We showed up and just caught the end of Kate Tempest and were up front for Jungle. Which was amazing. One of the back up singers was literally the coolest person I have ever seen. The entire band is just so cool was just completely captured by the music and the guys (and lovely lady) themselves. That was followed by Rudimental which were captivating (*cough* would’ve been better on a boat *cough*).  After a super long day we were exhausted and on our way out the door and we noticed Blonde was playing so we stuck around for a bit. Well we stayed as long as we could stand. Tuesday definitely lived up to expectations.

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