Croatia Rocks: Sunday

thumb_IMG_5088_1024 So day 1! We didn’t catch any of the acts on Sunday, mostly because we were way too exhausted but we managed to get our wristbands, groceries, into the apartment and to the beach. Well 2 beaches actually. We stopped by Zcre Beach and the beach near our apartment. For anyone thinking about going to Croatia Rocks, I have some point to remember:

  1. Stay in Novalja. We stayed in Stara Novalja and trust me its not the same. It was great for us because we had a car but if not the bus to Zcre beach was a 20 -30 minute walk in 35 degree heat. Plus it was probably dark as well.
  2. Taxis are pricey, but worth it. First off we had one of the best chats ever with the Taxi driver, but also it seems to be the safest and easiest ways to travel at night. BUT they might try and rip you off, so remember how much you pay.
  3. Acts might not show up… Yeah that sucked. But if you’re ready for it, it hurts less ha.
  4. Enjoy your days. The nights didn’t start till 9-10ish so you have the entire day to do something. Don’t sleep into late, there are some beautiful beaches in the area. Go explore.

Here’s some photos from driving and the evening:

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