Croatia Rocks: Monday

Started the day by walking to the beach in Stara Novalja and relaxing in the Sun. It was different from most of the beaches that I used to go to because well the rocks. There was no sand, just rocks. It was surprisingly comfy to lay on, but when you walked into the water it really hurt. But the water was clear as can be so it all worked out.  We decided to go explore Novalja after the beach and had one of the best slices of Pizzas I have ever had, right at the Marina.

thumb_IMG_5087_1024Day 2 was when the festival really got going with us. Before I left I made sure to download the Bands I didn’t know. The festival was set up between two different clubs Papaya and Aquarius. Aquarius was mostly DJs while Papaya was mainly the bands, with instruments and all that :D. We managed to be in the front row for almost every show we went to, which was amazing I was excited because thanks to the festival I had recently gotten to know The Bulletproof Bomb and I thought they were really great. They were the first act we got to see. . Then followed The Vaccines, which I can say was one of the most amazing shows that I could have ever expected. The last show we went to was Bondax, which felt totally different because it was a DJ and not a band. But it was just as much fun.

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2 thoughts on “Croatia Rocks: Monday

  1. James Scott says:

    Great post, I remember the beach in Nice had rocks on and they were actually great to lay on. I’ve also just put the Bullet Proof Bomb on my spotify to try them out :)!


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