The Skye’s the limit!

I know I should be a copywriter! 😀 My mom was determined to go to Skye this trip and because of Rabbie’s Tours we managed to do so in 3 days. Honestly I can’t recommend it enough.  It was a group of 14 and we we in a small bus driving from Edinburgh to Portree on the Isle of Skye. The tour guide we had made sure that we all had an amazing personalised experience. I was the only one that was adventurous enough to try and follow the guide with climbing every hill and cliff we could. Which for me is super surprising because I fall down every time I do anything. Luckily I didn’t  fall [wouldn’t be writing this if I did, because I’d be dead at the bottom of a cliff]! Skye is amazingly beautiful and I would suggest everyone who can go should! Photos of course are to follow:


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