So I haven’t written anything in a while. Mostly because I’m ridiculously busy. I’m in the middle of my masters course and I’m currently on “winter break.” But being that my course is mean I’m not really getting a break. We had three different classes in this semester and they all decided to have major projects due January 9, 10 and 13, we’ll now the 15 but two days isn’t a ton of help. I decided to figure out how many days I had to do each project knowing that some would take longer. I started with my essay which was 3,500 words. I gave myself a week to do that one. Unfortunately that week fell right over Christmas. I went to Germany to spend time with family and spend most of my time staring at a iPad mini cranking out a paper. I obviously put it down to spend time with family, but I spent a few hours every day doing homework. It would’ve been way more enjoyable had I not had a paper to write. Then I got back to Edinburgh and I had my paper done, but it was time to do my claymation for motion graphics. I had less than two weeks to wrap that up. I had my figures and props built it was just about making the animation. If you want to know more go to: kathrinnowotny.wordpress.com it’s the blog I’m keeping for the progress of that project. I took New Years Eve off to run errands and go shopping and celebrate of course. Then if had to take New Years Day off because I celebrated a little too hard. Now it’s back to work on my claymation. On the 9th I will start my final project, which I only gave myself 6 days for… It’s a brief for a campaign about a charity of our choice, we have to do tv, print, poster and I would assume extending the campaign to various media. I would normally never give myself so little time to do all of these projects, but I thought that throwing myself into one thing at a time would help. I also thought that if I completed one thing it would bring with it motivation to complete the others. So far I think this is working to my advantage because I am at no point spreading myself too thin. I think it is completely unfair that we have so much work over break. We complained to our professors and one said he was doing us a favour by moving the deadline forward and letting us turn it in electronically. I just think that in a creative course especially we need to take a break because it helps us stay fresh. But no holiday for us… Back to work.


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