Claymation: Backgrounds 2

Currently waiting for elements of my set-up to arrive so that I can begin taking photographs, till then I have been creating my backgrounds. I have done a few already, but they are indoor scenes. I need a few outdoor scenes. Once again I began with a drawing.


I made it way too bright in preview, so that when I brought it into Illustrator. Then did a simple live trace on it, so that the lines would become vectors (much cleaner than my little sketch). Can you tell that I had fun drawing trees? ha. After Illustrator it again get brought into Photoshop for color. I’ve been coloring a lot for ads that my groups have created for our class, so I’ve gotten quite used to this. The end result is pretty cool, but I’m not sure if I’m 100% happy with it.  I will probably make a lot of changes in After Effects to unify my animation.



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