My laptop is in the shop.

I’m writing a post from my phone which is an auto correct nightmare. But oh well.  My laptop battery was going to give up on me which is great… especially now where i have a ton to Photoshop and do on after effects. Now I just have to be patient. Maybe that should be the name of this course patience. Don’t get me wrong I love this class and most of the people, but some of them are a complete test of my patience. Whether it is a langauge barrier (which isn’t as big of a problem as it seems), arrogance or ego, or crying all the time and screaming. No I’m not kidding there are people who actually cry about everything and scream and shout when they don’t get their way. Temper tantrums all the way. Oh did I mention that we are in a masters program? We are all in at least our twenties… it’s sort of pathetic. Then there is the ego and arrogance problem. People decide their time is more important and your’s doesn’t matter, so they just won’t show up or if they do they sleep or text the whole time. I mean I text a lot, but when someone brilliant is taking their time to give a presentation, show them some respect. We are adults not babysitters. Ok that was my rant about that. I love this course, but some of th people need to go.


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