Recent thoughts…

We are now into our 3rd week of classes and it has already been quite a ride. We get briefs that tell us what exactly we are advertising and maybe two weeks later we have to present/pitch our final ideas. It is a ton of work and it is stressful, but I think I like it. You have to adjust to working in groups, because of course every brief we get a new brief, we also get a new group. I’m not used to this much group work, but I’m enjoying it. The theory class is interesting. I am learning from the articles we read and the lectures. BUT (yes there is always a “but”) Philip has an odd way of trying to get class participation. He asks questions as all professors do, but the questions he asks, would in the States be looked at as rhetorical questions that no student would dare to answer. I think we will have to adjust, but the rest of the presentations are done by us, so I think we will be fine. I really do like Philip, just not the wording of his questions. kidsci

Then there is motion graphics. I have learned to do quite a bit with text including what I did above with the Kid Scientist photo (taken from Amy Miller). Then I used a website to turn it into a gif, so I could post it on here. I’m obviously slightly homesick and missing these people. We also learned other effects that I’m excited to use.


Now for random thoughts going through my head… Halloween is coming up… I have no idea what to go as. My ideas are Wednesday Addams, Snow White or some sort of Sugar Skull or Pop Art makeup. Snow White will be a more expensive costume than the rest, because I don’t have all the costume elements I would need. The makeup based ones I would simply need to get face paint. I have always wanted to do the Powerpuff Girls, but I don’t think I can convince my friends. I don’t know what I want to do… hmm I have sometime though. I also wish I knew what other people here did, because I don’t want to go all out, if no one else does. Anyone have any other suggestions or opinions?


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