I’m moving…

I’ve lived in St. Louis for most of my life (except for Chicago for one year and a few months in Germany). In a few weeks. I am picking up my life in St. Louis and moving to Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve never been to Scotland. I decided that after college I should just apply to Masters Programs, just in case I couldn’t find a job. I found an amazing program at Edinburgh Napier, but my application didn’t go through the first time I sent it. They kept my application on file and resubmitted it the next semester. I had at that point totally forgotten about it.

I got a job at Crushed Red: Urban Bake and Chop Shop. I loved it instantly. First of all it is a wonderful restaurant that prides itself in fresh, organic food in a fast casual setting. I knew that I was going to enjoy it simply, because of the food that was being served. Then there were my coworkers, who became my second family quicker than I would’ve thought. A wonderful, funny, sweet group of people that I saw every day and am now leaving. I was promoted after about a month to be one of the Shift managers. I can’t imagine not spending 6 out of 7 days of a week without seeing these great people. Also I am going to miss our salads and pizzas!!! Definitely not going to find anything like it in Edinburgh.

Now that I’m leaving soon, I’m starting to tie up loose ends in St. Louis and thinking about all of what I want to do in Edinburgh. I have a new apartment. I have sold my car. I am canceling memberships in St. Louis. I have a flight. I think I’m getting close to being ready to leave.


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