Another Review

“Alter Egos” Directed and Written by Jordan Galland

Another St. Louis Film Festival Film. A film set in a place where superheroes are a regular occurrence and almost an annoyance. Centered around a guy Brendan (Kris Lemche) who’s girlfriend is cheating on him with his superhero-self/ Fridge (short for Refrigerator, ha). The superheroes in the film are losing their funding and the “Superhero Core” uses Fridge to solve that issue. Of course there is a love story imbedded within the story and luckily not with the “cheating” girlfriend, she is quite obnoxious. I am really torn about this film. First about the main actor, Lemche, is he hot?! I couldn’t decide, but the other superhero, C-Thru, (Joey Kern) is definitely an attractive one. Second I love and am completely confused about this film. You realize quickly that it wasn’t the most expensive film ever made. There was definitely a low budget on this one. The whole film is set in one place and the superhero costumes look 100% handmade. Plus the character Shrink (John Ventimiglia) has the worst wig I have ever seen. But for me that almost makes it better. This is a film that I think will become a cult classic. Because it seems as though it knows that a film with a city full of superheroes needs to be a joke. Its funny and overly dramatic and you will find yourself saying what am I watching. Be ready to see every superhero cliche being played out in the best way.  I thought it was awesome, but it definitely isn’t for everyone.

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