Just another Review & a little Family history

“Wintertochter” (Winter’s Daughter) Directed by Johannes Schmid

Written by Michaela Hinnenthal & Thomas Schmid

Another brillant movie. This film was part of the children’s film festival of SLIFF. I personally would not call this a children’s movie, yes it is perfectly appropriate for children, but “children’s movie” it was not. The film centers around Katarina/Kattaka (Nina Monka) a young German girl, who finds out on Christmas that her birth father is really a Russian sailor. She manages to get her neighbor, Lene Graumann (Ursula Werner) to drive her to search for her father. Her best friend sneaks into the car and tags along. The search goes into Poland, which becomes an emotional roller coaster both for Kattaka and Lene. The meet new friends in the neighborhood’s Inn. Lene’s story is slowly revealed and after her birth her father was killed by a grenade. Then as her mother and her tried to flee she ran and got put on the boat alone. This film highlights many emotional struggles and one’s that I believe everyone can relate to.

So I found out something tonight that I didn’t know about my family, well specifically my grandmother. I have always loved my Oma, she has always been the best. Recently I go visit her and I find out new things that make me know how amazing she really is. Tonight I found out that similar to Lene, from the film, that she and her family had to walk for months in the snow to escape from Poland. First I always thought that I was really German, but I hated what that meant, history-wise. But everything I hear about my Oma is that she was constantly doing everything to “fight” for her family to survive. Almost getting frost-bitten in the snow, breaking the rubble from after the war. My Oma has always been the best grandmother I could dream of, but now she is more than that she is also my hero. I’m sad that I only get to learn about her every once and a while and I only get to hear parts of her life story when I do get to see her.

This movie opened my mom up to sharing more about my Oma and it apparently hit very close to home for us. I really loved this film and it helped me learn a little more about myself, so it was even better.

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