Pretending to be a Film Critic for a Sec

“Argo” Directed by Ben Affleck Written by Chris Terrio Joshuah Bearman So this was one of the most touching films I have seen in a while. Not in the gooey romantic way, but in the heartwarming not all people suck way. Being that I grew up in the Bennifer loving generation, it was hard to take Ben Affleck seriously. After this and “The Town” I have totally changed my mind. First it is based on a true story, which can either be the death of a film or something amazing. This time it was a good thing. I being the ignorant college graduate that I am, did not know much about the story, other than the American Embassy in Iran was taken over during a revolution. This movie captures the horrifying moments before and during that event. Six diplomats were able to escape the building and hide out in the Canadian Ambassador residence, thanks to the bravery of he and his wife. The CIA is given the task to sneak the fugitives out of the country. Tony Mendez (Affleck) comes up with the idea of making a fake movie and claiming they are the crew. Then the could just walk out. The film will have you on the edge of your seat for most of the film. Affleck ensure that you laugh, cry and are biting your nails through all of the twists and turns. If you know the history you will know the outcome of the film, but it won’t change how Affleck ties your heart to the characters he shapes. Lora Kennedy the casting director worked some magic with getting the actors to look just like the people they are portraying. Stay till after the film to see real photographs being compared to screen shots of the film. You will see how dedicated Affleck was to sticking to the story. If that doesn’t convince you, Affleck looks extremely attractive with his long hair and beard. Plus the director himself needed to show off his rockin bod once in the film and did so. HA. It was really one of the best films I have seen in a really long time. Everyone should see it, I can’t think of a single negative. WAY TO GO BEN!

“Seven Psychopaths” Directed & Written by Martin McDonagh Talk about the most meta film ever!!! Martin McDonagh even names the main character, played by Colin Farrell, Marty. I haven’t seen lots of McDonagh films, but if this is what they are like they are certainly interesting (in a good way). From the title you would assume that the film follows the lives of seven psychopaths and to an extent you would be completely correct, but there is more. The film follows Marty and his friends Billy and Hans as Marty tries to write the screenplay of his film “Seven Psychopaths . In the meantime Hans and Billy are kidnapping dogs to get the owner’s reward money. The two unfortunately steal the wrong person’s dog. Woody Harrelson’s Charlie is a complex character that you hate, until you see the attachment and tears he has for his dog Bonnie. I’m not going to lie there is a lot of shooting and a lot of blood, but it is used as a tool in this film and not over done unless that is what McDonagh wants to express. The humor is clever and well done and balanced with an emotional connection to the characters. The characters will even tell you what will happen next. Overall it is a clever film that with it’s twists and turns will make you laugh and cry (probably not literally). It might not be a film for everyone. It’s a twisted film, but I think it is worth checking out.


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