Apple Picking

Recently I have found a new love for apple picking.  It just reminds me of fall and it was the perfect thing to do right before Halloween. I have been going to Eckert’s. Both the Millstadt and the Belleville Farms. You go to the farm and you see families everywhere. The people working there seem related then of course there are several generations of families coming to pick apples and pumpkins. This was especially true at the Millstadt Farm. I was a little thrown that you get there and have to pay $10 for an entrance fee, but then once you enter you see why. There are tons of activities for kids and I feel like if I had kids or friends with kids that would be fine, but $10 was a little steep. I would recommend going to the Belleville Farms right in peak apple season, because or the apples don’t look too great, but it is the free one.  I think it is an amazing way to get families together and I wish my family would do something like that. Maybe I have to wait until I have kids. Ha that will be a while.  I have done it twice in the last few weeks. This luckily means lots of apples and needing to find something to do with them. So far I have made Muffins, Bread and now a Galette (recipe coming soon). I just love doing something outside, where there is a slight chill and with this you end up with a basket or bag full of fresh delicious fruit, what could be better. I can’t wait to go back to Eckert’s for peaches.


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