Facebook: The Movie

So I just watched The Social Network with a friend. I hadn’t seen that movie since it came out in theaters. I remembered that I really enjoyed the film, but I really couldn’t remember it. Yeah that doesn’t bode well for the movie, but like I said I really liked it, but apparently wasn’t that memorable. Upon this viewing I feel as though things may be different. This time I feel like I learned some things. 1. If you have an idea get it done, like yesterday. Not speaking on the zuckerberg winklevoss issue, but who knows who will steal your idea. Saying that, 2. Intellectual property is a pain. Yes if I come up with idea I feel as though I should have the right to that idea, problem is, how can you prove that an idea is yours, or more importantly NOT someone else’s. Ugh it is all such a pain and a problem of our generation. 3. Don’t screw over your friends in business. Like seriously who wants to sue their own friends. This film just made me think. Ok well that is that.


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