So I decided traveling sucks. Have you ever sat next to the type of person that won’t shut up on a plane.  Yeah well I’ve had friendly people that just want to chat, but this was a first… This guy would not shut up. First of all I am going from StL to Philly, so it is only a 2 hour flight, totally not bad. But this guy now I feel like I know his whole life story. He is 45, been married twice and has 4 grandkids… Then he wanted to give me life advice. It was basically join the army, um I don’t think that is for me. I’m glad that he likes his life, but I don’t want to follow suit. Also trying to educate a German major about Hitler… yeah you don’t get what I studied do you? For those who don’t know, German majors read a lot of German novels, sadly most of them are about WWII and the Holocaust. Course I am no expert, nor do I want to be but, I don’t need someone who has read one book on the subject to educate me. Also on a side note wheaten terriers do NOT look like chihuahuas. I almost threw a fit. Layovers are awful, but as someone who has traveled to Europe a lot (my entire family lives there, I’m not spoiled, but I wouldn’t say I wasn’t super lucky), longer layovers are better for international flights, because if you miss your flight, everything is really off. Four hours is a lot though, but course I will make it though. Also can airports have better food options, gross chinese vs McDonalds vs packaged food that is who knows how old. Also the internet blows. Apparently this is a rant post, sorry about that. By the way not that Starbucks should be everywhere, but an international terminal should have lots of good coffee, we need to survive this long travel somehow.

Now for the long flight. It leaves at 6:30pm (EST) and I think it arrives at 8:30am (German Time). Then its a series of train rides from 10 something till almost 5pm. This might actually be the longest day ever. I’m trying to drink coffee now so that I can stay up till a reasonable hour and sleep on the plane so things seem more normal when I get there. It probably won’t help in anyway, because I am already totally exhausted. This is rough.


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