Kindergarten to Undergrad

Starting school things are simple. You go from one school to another. Preschool to Elementary school where you are there from Kindergarten to 5th grade, then Middle school till the 8th grade, then high school. You graduate from high school and are entering the new world of college. Scary, new people, sometimes a new city, definitely new classes. Course its different for everyone but in general its simple, one school to the next. Going to class, working hard and making friends. Then poof in 4-5 years undergrad is gone.

Crap, now what!? You enter college thinking that four years is a long time, but really it’s not. Like yeah you can get a lot done in four years, but it totally flies by. We became best friends with a person we happen to live next to because of a dumb lottery and in months we think we know everything about one another, and hey we probably are as close as we are ever going to get, but then in four years they are on the opposite end of the country and maybe world. It’s crazy.

Well for me this is all over. One year and DePaul and three years at Wash U and now college is over. Yeah like everyone says there is always Grad School and yes I have considered it. But like I listed before I have been in school almost my whole life and now I need a break. So what does a graduate with a Bachelors in Germanic Languages and Literatures do with her life now. Yeah Germanic Languages and Literatures, that means I studied German. Cool, huh? Nope. I also took Swedish and got minors in Art and Anthropology, but lets be serious, what is that getting me as far as a career goes…

Like the good student that I am, I quickly started applying to jobs and post grad programs. Starting with Fulbright, so teaching English in Germany. First off, is this really necessary, you don’t have enough adults to do this, so you get post-grads to do it for cheap, ok I guess I do get it. But since I’m writing this you can probably assume that I didn’t get that, ha. Then there are programs like Teach for America, City Year, Teaching Fellowships for like every state, yeah applied to those. So now what.. for me apply to everything. I haven’t come to the point of retail and the food industry, but I am coming close.

Luckly, my dad came up with a temporary solution. Come live with him in Germany for a few months. So as I write this I am sitting in an airport writing as I wait for my flight to Germany. Two months in Germany should clear my head, but I guess we will see then…


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